A Reflection Of Pep Assemblies


Photo by Nancy Beston

Shana Fronsee and Anthony Matury

Shana Fronsee:

The first thing that came to mind about the Feb. 13 pep assembly was “Oh, this will be like last semester for the winter sports.” It truly got proven wrong. I didn’t have much fun at this pep assembly. The only thing that made it really peppy was the cheerleaders, even though no one really cheered for them, the Wranglers, or the drum line. The speakers were terrible, and we could barely hear the music. 

Pep assemblies and the student body have definitely changed through the years, not having enough “pep” at these events to support our mighty Rustlers. With technology in our lives, everyone would rather be on their phones than be at an assembly that doesn’t pertain to them. For the past few years, they’ve had to block the doors so no one could leave the building and go to the gymnasium instead. 

Honestly, there was barely anything that screamed “peppy”, and it was like they threw this all together at the last moment rather than planning it out perfectly. I think the one thing that could’ve made it better is cutting the Speech and Debate bit on top of having better speakers because then everyone could have been more excited. Also, they could’ve had an energetic emcee to make the assembly more exciting. 

My favorite pep assembly was the one we had for the winter sports because there was a lot more energy and  entertainment. Everyone had lots of fun, and that’s what should be at an assembly showing school spirit. Due to this, it was a lot of fun and it was one I wish I was able to time travel back to if I had the opportunity.

I wouldn’t say that the Feb. 13 pep assembly was terrible, but it was one that could’ve been planned a bit more rather than look like it was thrown together in a few hours


Anthony Matury:

The pep assembly didn’t go as well as we thought it would, but at the same time, personally, it wasn’t that bad. The only good things about it were the drum line, the Cheerleaders, and PJ Thomas pulling a Pelosi. 

The whole Family Feud bit they had was boring, and I think that fed us the idea of, “This is gonna suck. Big time.” Then the cheerleaders came out, did their thing which I thought was good, and no one clapped for them. (If you’re a cheerleader reading this, I’m sorry). After that happened, the drum line got everyone talking afterwards because they were that good. The whole morale boost they used was immediately reversed by the debate no one asked for. The whole Jensen slamming Skaer into the ground was kind of funny, because pain is hilarious, and kind of boring, because of how it was executed, at the same time. 

What they should’ve done was make it about what the students wanted to see, something fun and engaging. More student engagement instead of student government and the popular kids doing everything, which makes it boring by the way. One thing I want to have happen again is Mr. Evans planning it again, because last time he did, not as many people talked down about it versus the other ones we had this year.