Volleyball: Returning to state


Photo by Isabel

CMR Varsity Volleyball girls strategize in a group at divisionals.

Jack Sparks

Winning state is no easy feat, and going back for a second year can be a nerve-racking experience. 

“I’m terrified. We just got a new rotation, and I think that’ll be good for us, but it’s terrifying,” Lexi Thornton said. 

Thornton, a CMR senior, said that she has been playing volleyball since 2nd grade, and has been on Varsity for two years. According to her teammates, she was unanimously voted to be on the first team all-state, the best out of the best for Montana in high school. She was a part of the undefeated 21-22 volleyball team that won state last year, and is returning to state this year. 

I think that just [the] feeling after, of knowing that all our hard work that we put into it, [and that] it paid off was [the best part of state],” Thornton said. 

This year, state volleyball went very differently. CMR placed 3rd overall, which is still an impressive feat. It was full of intense matches and high anxiety. There were some great plays, and every girl performed to the best of her ability. Senior Ella Cochran’s highlight this year was one of their final victories, winning in a match with Gallatin. 

The biggest highlight of state was coming back and beating Gallatin in the 5-set-upset, just because they were up the first 2 sets and that game determined whose season was over.” Cochran said. 

This year’s team was backed by a variety of skilled girls with different personality types. According to Cochran, this could make it difficult at times, but they pulled through in the end. 

“This year was different from last because we had different people picking up different roles and we were all just very united. Even though at times we became very upset because of it.” Cochran said.

As fall sports come to a close, this year’s volleyball season ends with another trophy to add to the CMR legacy and countless memories that will accompany these players throughout the rest of their lives.