Kai Stewart, a passion for sports

Freshman Kai Stewart has big plans, most of which he aims to achieve in a wrestling singlet. Stewart wrestles nearly year-round, and he says he pretty much devotes his life to it. Stewart says he started wrestling fairly young and fell in love with the sport.

“I was four and my friend invited me to, what he called, ‘fight club,’” Stewart said about starting out. “[Now] I wrestle mostly year-round [with] NMWC wrestling club. [We] travel to places around the state. Montana Disciples is my travelling team that goes to Vegas and Denver. Also we go to Iowa and in two years to Virginia.”

Stewart said he tries to keep his lungs and muscles in shape so he’s able to last an entire six-minute match. He also said it’s important to eat healthy, but he doesn’t worry about weight until the time comes. Stewart said that the most important part of wrestling is to keep a winning mentality and that his goal is to be CMR’s first four-time state champion. Wrestling is obviously important to him and takes up most of his time, but Stewart said his teachers help him out.

“Honestly, my teachers understand my goals, so they work with me. I don’t take any work home because that’s my wrestling time,” Stewart said.

Wrestling is an incremental part of Stewart’s life and his main focus for goals, exercise, and essentially his way of life.

“I find my joy and friendships through wrestling. [Sometimes I] have to take breaks, [though],” Stewart said. He says sometimes it’s necessary to take your mind off wrestling for a while, so he enjoys hunting and being with friends.

Stewart also said he’s planning to wrestle solely with CMR once the season starts. He says it’s much easier to be recognized in school wrestling and that he’s hoping to win scholarships to either Pennsylvania State or to Oregon State University. From there, Stewart hopes to become a surgeon and do other great things by helping people.