A business teacher who builds relationships


Gabrielle Pope, Staff Writer

Jessica Goosen is a teacher who is dedicated to more than just the classes she teaches.  


Goosen is involved with a plethora of business activities at CMR. She advises the business club, Business Professionals of America , as well as helps with the travels of DECA and other business field trips away from the school.   


At nationals last year Goosen assisted the advisor of DECA, Travis Crawford, in Nashville, Tenn., with the students who qualified. During this trip, they spent a lot of time bonding and therefore some incredible relationships developed.


Although she tries to build strong relationships with all of her students, senior Sydney Dickinson has a relationship with Goosen that makes them practically inseparable.


“I think that she just reminds me so much of my mom, and well, I love my mom; we get along really well,” Dickinson said.


One of Goosen’s favorite parts of working with kids is the relationships that she builds with them.


“They become my children,” she said.  


Dickinson explains how being around Goosen’s fun and sassy personality makes learning and just being at school a whole lot more entertaining.


Goosen is leading in her high school business teacher’s footsteps by creating special relationships with students and staff members, which makes wanting to go to work a lot easier.


She went to college at the University of Montana, and when it came time to decide what she wanted to specialize her teaching in she wasn’t quite sure, until she remembered what a big influence her high school business teacher had on her. She knew that is what she had to do.


She started student teaching at Huntley Project High School, which was a small school that had a combination of kids from four small towns around the area. Here she was a student teacher but was given the opportunity to run the classroom independently shortly after getting the job.


“All of the schooling and everything you go through teaches you how to teach. They don’t teach you about all of the politics and the extra stuff that come along with teaching,” she said. “And those are the things I could do without.”


No matter what, Goosen is dedicated to the job.


“My brain does not shut off for this job. I come home and lay in bed and think nonstop about what I am doing in my classes the next day.”