Teacher and students build relationships on mutual respect


Aurora Oden, Staff Writer

Freshman science teacher Josy McLean has worked at CMR since 1993. She describes her class as a physical science class with a little bit of earth and space thrown in. This is her second job as a teacher. She started in a very small school with less than 30 students, so coming to CMR was a big change for her, but she has really enjoyed it.


“I love my students and I love the people that I work with,” McLean said. “I just think it’s a fabulous school.”


McLean said she tries to build better teacher-student relationships by encouraging her students. She thinks mutual respect is important for a good relationship between a teacher and a student. To respect the student’s individuality, their effort and thoughtfulness is important to her, but she also wants the respect to go both ways.


Freshman Jayla Mitchell is one of McLean’s students.


“I found it very interesting. I think science is an interesting subject, you get to learn about the world and the way it works, and I think that’s really cool,” Mitchell said about the class.


Mutual respect is also important to Mitchell when it comes to relationships between students and teachers. She said it’s important that both of them are working hard to help each other. The teacher helps the student to understand, and the student can help the teacher by giving feedback.


Mitchell appreciate McLean’s way of teaching.

“If I have any questions, she helps me out and she helps me understand it, and that is fantastic.”