Interesting pets make for an interesting teacher

McKenzie Connell, Staff Writer

In one of the many cages in room 310, biology teacher Tom Cubbage keeps a collection of “degus”(day-goos).

“They’re real unusual as a classroom pet,” Cubbage said. The animals are diurnal, which means they are active day and night, with slight naps in between. The collection started off 14 years ago, with one male and two females.

He bred those and then has “collected” others from different places. Some come from Jack’s pet shop, and another he found on a trip to Georgia.

“I think they are really social [with] individual attitudes,” he added. The degus are very quiet, and make for good pets.”

The degus are also interesting scientifically, which is something Cubbage enjoys. The animals are extremely susceptible to diabetes, and when fed even a slight amount of sugar they become immediately diabetic. Cubbage said he has to be extremely careful with what is fed to them, because even dried fruit can cause a negative reaction.

“The babies are born eyes open and eating by three days. They’re kind of unusual.”