A new teacher-librarian joins CMR


Photo by Emily Carter

David Case, David Case

Charles M. Russell High School is home to many new staff members this year, including a transfer from Great Falls Central Catholic High School who likes nature and animals.

“I love anything outdoors. [And] reading has always been a hobby. That’s what led to this career path,” teacher-librarian Noel Osterman said.

Osterman lives in Belt with her 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. Due to their love of animals, Osterman’s family has two dogs (almost three, as her son is getting a puppy), a cat, a gecko, and a fish. 

Osterman said that switching to CMR was a great opportunity to expand her experience in the library. In addition to being the librarian at Central, she taught Junior English, Senior English and AP Dual Enrollment English. 

She had a lot of responsibilities at Central, and she said she decided to focus on building her library skills.