Crosby appointed girls varsity basketball coach


Peyton Fulbright, Sports Editor

Yesterday, Brian Crosby was named to the position of 2013-2014 varsity girls basketball coach.

Q: How did you come about the coaching position?

A: After coach Olson stepped down, I decided to apply. I wanted to be head coach again. I was head coach at Highwood before I came here, and I’ve always wanted to be head coach again. I love this school and the kids that go here, so I want to help them be successful.

Q: What will you bring to the team?

A: I hope passion. I love basketball; I’ve been around it my whole life. My dad was a coach for 25 years, so I grew up in the gym. I hope I can build upon that with fundamentals. Hopefully we have some success.

Q: Do you expect immediate success?

A: I think we have a chance to be OK. I know there’s a lot of kids back; we only graduated two seniors, so that gives us a lot of hope to hit the ground running.

Q: What are some challenges you may face?

A: Having a short  time frame. I’m trying to get a whole new system. I want to do things my way. It’s kind of overwhelming. I got the job yesterday, and I need to get a staff together, set up camps, and figure out where we’re going this summer.