Old Man Jenkins Poem

Isaiah Vang, Website Editor

Old Man Jenkins

Once upon a time in a house no kid would dare

Lived Old Man Jenkins who sat on a chair

He would come out in the morning while drinking some “joe”

And if a kid would show up he would stand and shout GO!

Old Man Jenkins was a grumpy old man

The meanest of the mean from New York to Japan

No family would dare to talk to this man

Until one day came a giant red van

Out came the father with a really funny face

While holding the keys and a giant red bass

Then came the mother with hair that was sweet

Just like cotton candy, so pink you could eat

Finally came the children named Jane and John

Running around the house pulling grass from the lawn

“Who are these people” Old Man Jenkins said

While putting on his slippers getting out of his bed

All he could hear was a couple beep beeps

A noise so loud that he couldn’t even sleep

The family shouted and had a great time

Then the mother with sandwiches shouted “Lunch Time!”

Old Man Jenkins was mad and annoyed

He wanted their happiness to be destroyed

With a fist in the air and his other hand on his hip

Old Man Jenkins was ready to crack the whip

“Get out of this neighborhood you crazy annoying family

Leave me alone, have some humanity”

The family stopped talking and stared at the man

Jenkins mad face, they couldn’t understand

“Come join us for lunch” the Mother said

“Are you crazy women, I rather be dead!”

The Mother then whispered into Jane’s little ear

Jane started to smile and began to cheer

She grabbed a sandwich and ran to him in a hurry

Suddenly Old Man Jenkins started to worry

“Get away from me you scoundrel little beast!

I do not want to join your little feast!

Don’t get close, only if you dare,

I’m a crazy man, I’ll pull out your hair!”

The little girl stopped and gave a blank stare

“I don’t worry about my hair

I just want a friend whom I can share

Have this sandwich, oh please take it

You aren’t mean, just admit it”

This little girl wasn’t like others, she set herself apart

The warmth of her smile quickly touched his heart

Old Man Jenkins stared at the ground

There no longer was a single sound

Once Old Man Jenkins lifted up his chin

There no longer was a scowl but a very big grin

He took the sandwich and took a big bite

He started to laugh and to have delight

He quickly joined the family and had some fun

They partied until they couldn’t see the sun

Old Man Jenkins changed that day

And he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way