Student shares the benefits and disadvantages of summer

Gabrielle Pope, Staff Writer

Three months of good weather, outdoor activities, and soaking up the sun is great, but summer has its downfalls too.


Summer is a time when sleeping in isn’t frowned upon, our skin gets tan, our curfew gets later and being outside is always acceptable. This season has its perks as well as, its drawbacks.


There are not as many responsibilities to uphold and schedules aren’t as packed, which leaves time for things that you do solely for your own pleasure. Activities like hiking, boating, swimming, camping, or really just being outside at all are great during the summer. The weather is perfect, and you get to wear all of your cute summer clothes, which is always a bonus.


Even though summer is overall pretty great, there can be some bad things that come with it, as well. During the summer months, there are a lot of bugs. I can handle some insects from time to time, but then they grow as big as mammals, and I’m not a fan. With all of the bugs, it makes it difficult doing what I love — which is being outside — but outside is where bugs are, and there are a lot of them.


Not only are there a lot of bugs, but it’s also hot. You sweat more, and I do not like sweating. Perspiring itself isn’t horrible, it’s the state that it puts you in. I feel uncomfortable and dirty. When I get hot I compensate by wearing less clothing; which, of course, means I can’t wear the same clothes I did in winter and fall because then I mainly wore leggings and sweaters which would be way too hot to wear in 90-degree weather.