When traveling to the tropics

Lindsey Robison, Staff Writer

If you’re traveling for the summer or planning on it in the next year, then travel to a tropical island. Whether you’re going to Fiji or Hawaii, the tropics are a good place to experience a new culture or a way of life different from your own.


Being born and raised in Hawai’i is definitely a privilege, and it’s always fun to teach tourists about the culture and to highlight what makes the islands important.


Visiting an island for the first time can be stressful, especially if you’re naive to your surroundings. The best advice I have is to make local friends. Having someone who knows the area well will work in your favor every time and relieves the stresses of navigation, or finding the best restaurant


If you don’t know where to start, check into your hotel, get to know the person at the front desk, don’t be afraid to ask them where the coolest local hang-outs are. Make friends with the employees because they could be the easiest friends you make internationally.


One of the biggest no-nos of traveling to a Hawaii? Do not make fun of the islands’ customs and cultures. Kama’Kua Aina means love the land and people.


As a traveler, you must respect all countries or islands you visit and not to mention you don’t want kulemonkei, or beatings, in Hawaiian. Be open to all of the ideas they have, and for the best experience try doing as much as you can with your new local friends.


You’re there for the land and the natives so this is the best advice I have: Lo’Keuheua! Live locally.