A Good Day

A Good Day

Isaiah Vang, Online Editor

What’s a good day?

Is it sleeping in or a day without rain?

Is it going out and party till night?

Or reading a book to your delight

For me a good day is about

Being with people that are special to you

And also the little things too

Like ice cream, movies, and a nice warm bath

And family and friends who make you laugh

Listening to music and playing the drums

Eating pop-rocks that numbs your tongue

Going out to dinner and ordering something big

Then regretting it all when your sister calls you a pig

Relaxing and watching as the time ticks away

Then gathering up as a family getting ready to pray

Snuggling up for a good night sleep

And dreaming of all the memories that you’ll keep

Now that’s what I call a really good day

And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way