Cooking and Catering inside CMR

Chloe Geary , Staff Writer

Inside the culinary classes of CMR., students get the chance to dish up new and exciting things all the time.

During the first year of Culinary Arts, students bake and create things for themselves to eat. However if they choose to participate a second year,they get an opportunity to create food not only for themselves, but for members of the community as well.

Teri Forde, one of the two teachers in the Family and Consumer Sciences department, leads these second year students through catering events around Great Falls.

“We do school events, as well as community events. What we’re usually making is some form of dessert. Cookies and cupcakes are pretty standard,” she said. “To add to those we also make beverages and little appetizers.”

The catering world of the school, experiences busy and slow parts of the year.

“It can be really busy, and it seems as though when it rains it pours. By the middle of October, we will have done three different catering events in the class,” Forde said.

Even when the class gets busy, Forde says the kids always have a good time.

“I think my favorite part is watching the kids get involved with it all. The ones that I get out to the events thoroughly enjoy themselves. It’s really fun, and it’s an opportunity to instill the customer service part of hospitality,” she said.

As a teacher, she sees the importance of getting students to cater around town.

“It’s important for the kids to be able to hear the comments and compliments of their peers and community members. These catering events are a chance to have contact and get in touch with people in the community and within the school.”