Sophomore reflects on American Indian Education at CMR

Quinn Soltesz , Staff Writer

In 1999, Montana State Representative Carol Juneau, a resident of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, introduced a bill to the Montana Legislature that would implement “Indian Education for All.”

This bill reads, “It is the constitutionally declared policy of this state to recognize the distinct and unique cultural heritage of American Indians and to be committed in its educational goals to the preservation of their cultural heritage.”

The law has integrated Montana tribal studies into math, science, social studies, reading, and more into the curriculums of these subjects. It also created a unique program that allows for Native Americans to interact with only each other in the classroom.  

Sophomore Madison Mitchell speaks highly of the program.

“I really like [Indian Club] because it’s all people of the same background,” Mitchell said. “We feel more comfortable with one another.”

Mitchell also said that many students who participate in the club feel the same way. Mitchell and her twin sister, Rylee, are very involved in the Native American education program that are offered at C. M. Russell High School. Madison is her class’s representative to the club, and Rylee is the Vice President.