Clara McClain

Clara McClain , Editorial Board

How can I put into words all that the Stampede has meant to me in my four years on staff? I’m not sure I can even do it any sort of justice.

The Stampede has been my home and my built-in CMR family since I first walked into room 326 on the first day of freshman year. I was scared and nervous, but then I started to get the hang of things (or I felt like I did, four years later and I’m still not sure if I ever got a solid handle on my assignments) and started to get to know my upper classmen peers. I was just a small freshman, and now I’m a small senior, but they welcomed me onto staff and helped me learn the inner workings of inDesign.

Now, I’m writing the last thing that will have my name attached to it while I’m on staff here. And I don’t think I’m ready for it, but it’s a little too late to think about not being about to do the things that I’ve set up for myself.

In four months I’ll be 2,000 miles away from home and starting college. Wish me luck, I guess.