State Swimming 2020


Photo by Nancy Beston

On Feb. 14 & 15, the CMR swim team participated in the state meet and didn’t leave empty handed.  CMR Boys took second overall and CMR girls took fourth overall.  Their counter parts across the river did well too with GFH Boys taking third overall and GFH Girls placed eighth overall – tying with Helena Capital.  The 200  Medley relay, an event with swimmers performing each stroke (freestyle, breast, back, butterfly) in a relay style fashion.  CMR Girls took seventh and CMR Boys took fourth.  The 400 yard Freestyle relay is just like the Medley but with only Freestyle, CMR girls placed fourth and CMR boys placed third.

Individual Events

Girls 200 Freestyle – Regan Osentowski(11) 8th place

Boys 200 Freestyle – Jaxon Gronning(11) 4th place

Girls 200 IM – Paige Lepard(10) 7th place , Hannah Kittleson(11) 11th place

Girls 50 Free – Jessica Byrne(12) 8th place , Gabrielle Stull 10th place

Boys 50 Free – Benjamin Huotari(12) 1st place , Adonai Gray (11) 7th place , David Geisen(12) 11th place

Girls 100 Butterfly – Taylor Kolsch(9) 8th place , Paige Lepard(10) 11th place

Boys 100 Butterfly – Mason Spiller(11) 12th place

Girls 100 Freestyle – Jessica Byrne(12) 8th place , Gabrielle Stull 9th place

Boys 100 Freestyle – Benjamin Huotari(12) 1st place , Nick Houston(11) 4th place , David Geisen(12) 10th place

Girls 500 Freestyle – Regan Osentowski(11) 12th place

Boys 500 Freestyle – Luke Jaraczeski(11) 2nd place , Jaxon Gronning(11) 3rd place

Girls 100 Backstroke – Taylor Kolsch(9) 2nd place , Anna Kropf(9) 10th place

Boys 100 Backstroke – Nick Houston(11) 3rd place , Adonai Gray(11) 11th place

Boys 100 Breaststroke- Luke Jaraczeski(11) 3rd place