CMR students share how the Corona virus has affected them

Kaylie Carr, Intro to Journalism Writer

For many CMR students COVID-19 has had little to no effect on them. But for one CMR freshman, the virus has had a large impact.

“I think it is a big issue because my dad is an ER doctor and is on the frontlines with Corona,” Ella Cochran said.

To avoid being exposed to the virus, Cochran and her family have been staying in Glacier while her dad works in Great Falls. To keep busy she’s been watching movies, keeping up on homework, and facetiming friends. 

“The biggest struggle at the moment for me is probably social distancing,” Cochran said.

Cochran has been participating in social distancing and agrees that it is very important to prevent the spread of the virus, but it’s been difficult for her. It’s also been upsetting to her that she is missing out on her spring sports season.

“I feel like I’m missing out on the Zootown volleyball season and the track season,” she said.

For Cochran, the spring sports season being cancelled is very upsetting as she was looking forward to playing volleyball and participating in track for her first year.

Like Cochran, freshman Avarey Stuff is also sad about spring sports being cancelled or postponed.

“I’m missing out on being able to play spring sports,” Stuff said.

Although Stuff is not able to participate in Zootown volleyball and CMR softball, she thinks it’s important we take care of ourselves and others around us during this uncertain time.

“It’s a tragedy,” she said.

With the thousands of people who are directly suffering from the pandemic and the thousands who have passed from it already, Stuff believes it is important to help flatten the curve the best we can.

“I am social distancing and I agree that it is a good thing because it helps stop the spread of COVID-19. More people need to take part in it,” Stuff said.

Like Stuff, freshman Isabelle Grosenick also agrees that social distancing is important.

“If we ignore the restrictions, we are putting ourselves at risk as well as others,” Grosenick said.

Grosenick has many people in her life who are susceptible to the virus, such as her grandparents. Having family members who are at high-risk is worrying to Grosenick, and she wants to do whatever she can to help protect them– even if that means having everyday things taken away.

“I think it really made all of us realize how many things we took for granted,” Grosenick said.

With most states being put under lockdown and shelter-in-place orders, everyday activities are being put on pause. Many are missing out on school activities like prom, sports, and vacations. 

“I’m missing out on the rest of my freshman experience as well as I had to cancel my trip to Wisconsin,” Grosenick said.

For many, spring break plans are being cancelled, which is upsetting. This goes for Grosenick as well, as she won’t be able to visit her family. 

Although many things and activities that kids were looking forward to are being taken away, these CMR students and many more are grateful to all the essential workers who are fighting against this global pandemic.