Students make the switch from school to home 

Nylie Wilson, Intro to Journalism Writer

When Rory Hibbs began her freshman year at CMR, little did she know she would be spending more than a month of it at home.

“I’ve gotten enough sleep for once in my life,” explains Hibbs, showing how her daily life has changed. 

Ever since the Covide-19 quarantine the average student life has been adapted exponentially. Hibbs is spending a lot more time with her family, that she wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Even though that can be a positive and a negative, having four siblings can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, explains Hibbs. Hibbs also adds that being able to sleep in on weekdays has been a blessing for her sleeping schedule. 

Hibbs is just one of millions of other students all over the world who are experiencing the ups and downs of leaving school and learning at home. 

“Working from home is really odd, but I can work at my own pace,” says Hibbs while explaining what it’s like going through the school part of quarantine. 

Hibbs enjoys online school, but doesn’t prefer it. It brings a lot of freedom to her schedule but makes it substantially harder to express her challenges. There is an ease  of communication that is lost at home, she explains. She has also found that it has become easier to do better quality work without the restriction of a 50-minute period. Although she can complete better work, she has seen that it puts a lot more pressure on her shoulders.

Not having the ability to go home from school and forget about it for a while has become harder to take the initiative into her own hands, Hibbs explains. 

Freshman Izzabella Rukavina has also had to adjust to the new way of schooling.

“It’s amazing to think that I lived through something that affected the entire world,” said Rukavina, when thinking of the positive during quarantine. 

With her limited knowledge of how or when everyone will get out of this, she finds it interesting how the different ages of people and social classes are reacting to it. Rukavina finds that the social distancing is inconvenient for the relationships in her life, although she’s aware that it is one of the only ways that any of it will get better. We are all in this together whether we like it or not, so we each need to do our part, she said. 

Rukavina’s school experience has not been the only thing that’s affected from the quarantine. 

 “Both my parents as well as my own is in April,” said Rukavina explaining how this has affected the one day a year that everyone can enjoy. 

It’s not as if she and her family can go out and celebrate her and both of her parent’s birthdays, she said. Although unfortunate, she has found that she can spend it with her family instead, because she has three more years to spend it with her friends. Rukavina’s mom explained to her “you’re not missing out on your freshman experience because this is your freshman experience,” which brought Rukavina’s spirits up about the entirety of the situation. 

Although Hibbs and Rukavina experience of freshman year has changed, the change for senior Kenai Wilson has been particularly strange. 

  “It’s sad that I can’t see our [Track and Field Team] hard work pay off ,“said Wilson while showing an athlete’s point of view on the quarantine. 

Wilson and his teammates had been training for this upcoming track season for three months. He was looking forward to seeing what is to come with the upcoming season, and also to see what new competition was to come with the freshmen. Although most athletes’ seasons are getting discarded, Wilson also misses his fellow classmates. 

Aside from his track season, Wilson has missed out on some of the events that makes senior year so great. 

“[It is] kind of a bummer to have the Prom canceled, but I fully support the reasoning,” he said.