Future is uncertain in battle against coronavirus

Lucie Michel, Staff Writer

We are never done talking about Covid. But as it goes on, I’m asking myself new questions about it constantly. I’m not thinking when will it end anymore, but is it even going to end?

Centuries ago, men lived through the Black Plague, the worst epidemic ever to hit humanity. It lasted five years and killed millions of people. Can Coronavirus last as long? It started nearly one year ago, and it doesn’t seem like ending soon. Countries like France are going into their second wave of contamination and national quarantine.

Even if we get rid of this virus, things will have been changed forever. The annoying but useful restrictions we all have to go through at this time might not be temporary.  We will be living in a world in which wearing a mask becomes part of habits, customs, and culture. It may be a world where going without a mask would be like going without our clothes.

Changes might be bigger than that though. There is no doubt a lot of us are wondering how our modern societies will survive the virus. A lot of businesses have already closed their doors in the last few months. The economy — not of one country, but of our whole globalized world — is in peril.

Tomorrow is full of uncertainty and even more questions. Furthermore, the new and unknown side of this pandemic is not giving us answers. The only thing we know is that we are living in an historical period.