Editorial: Beating COVID: Great Falls in the homestretch, not at the finish line

With vaccines being distributed all over the country, a ray of hope shines bright on Great Falls. The end of COVID-19 is in our sights, but is it time to pull down our masks and take a breath of relief?

At the Stampede, we believe that we need to, and can, hold out just a bit longer. Being this close to the finish line is no reason to give up. As a school, a city, and, most importantly, a community and family, we all need to continue looking out for each other’s well-being.

It seems like everywhere we see more and more people go lax on restrictions and protocols in place.This slack has been the cause of outbreaks. For example, in Florida, a wrestling tournament at a high school resulted in 79 COVID-19 cases and one death, according to an article from Newsweek.

People are developing tunnel vision with the thought of returning to life pre-Covid.At the Stampede, we believe that planning for what’s coming after this pandemic is planning way too far ahead. 

We all need to collectively take a step back and realize that the only way to get through this homestretch is to continue to socially distance, sanitize frequently, and wear face masks.