CSCT specialists console students at CMR

Austin Lahr, Staff Writer

Despite the fact that her office goes largely unnoticed by the majority of Rulstlers, therapist Abbie Chalupnik knows the impact she has on students.

“We really are here for the kids, for their success and getting them the help they need.” Chalupnik said.

Chalupnik and behavioral specialist Lisa Foscue joined the CMR community this fall through the CSCT (Comprehensive School and Community Treatment) program. Chalupnik and Foscue provide therapeutic care to students in their office located in the south lab of the media center. Foscue describes the office as a “safe haven” for students.

“It’s somewhere within the school that [students] can come in and talk and process whatever is going on in their lives,” Foscue said.

“When everything is melting around you, it’s hard to have a place where you feel safe in.” Chalupnik added.

According to the CSCT informational pamphlet, goals of the CSCT program include “developing, maintaining, and supporting the student’s capacity to achieve success in the school classroom and his/her home and community.”

Chalupnik and Foscue see only a small number of students throughout the week, but their services are not limited.

“Together we have a small number of students, whereas the counselors have access to the whole school,” Chalupnik said. “We only see a select few students who may need support in the classrooms or have interpersonal or emotional issues that they can come down and talk to us about.”

Foscue said that their combined services are open to anyone with the one requirement of a referral form.

“The whole idea in general of the CSCT program is to get kids the help they need in the least restrictive setting,” Chalupnik said.

For more information, visit the Center for Mental Health website at: www.