Deadline stress takes toll on yearbook staff


Victoria Zawacki, Staff Writer

Yearbook deadline causes much stress for those on the Russellog staff. Editor-in-chief Mary Christaens knows how to handle it, however.
“I delegate,” Christiaens said. “I mostly tell people it’s OK, we will make it.”
Christaens, a senior, has been on staff for three years. She says that Russellog has only had two deadlines so far and that only a few names or spelling is left on the late night for deadline. Christaens also said “once in awhile” a profile is left to be done and it gets done that night.
“No one is ever alone,” she said. “People are always there to help one another out.”
Christaens usually isn’t stressed because she knows it will get done and it will be ok because they get proofs back to fix anything that needs fixed. She also said that sometimes they realize after its too “late” that they are missing a photo or a profile. She also says to take ‘one’ day at a time.
Jade Huston, junior, finds things to “help’ take her mind off of a deadline. She reads a book or she will come in during lunch to see what needs to be done. She plans things out and will do certain things on certain days.
“If you wait till the last week it’s bad,” Huston said.
It’s worse for Huston before the actual deadline. She gets stressed out with all the homework and with the deadlines. She has a partner which makes things “easier,” but she still gets her fair share of stress for a deadline. Most of her stress with the deadlines is because this is her first year on staff.
“I get sick,” she said. “It’s just not enough to get sick.”
Sophomore Shaenell Jaime         feels different about things. She said it is easier for her to work alone because with a partner the work doesn’t always get done. In order to make the deadlines Jaime stays “calm” to get her work done. She didn’t make the last deadline, but knows that she has to work hard to make the next deadline.
“I didn’t turn my stuff in last deadline,” Jaime said. “I turned it in late because of my story and alternative coverage.”
Jaime has many ways to stay calm when stressed. She plays with her little sister when she feels stressed because he sister makes her happy. She also goes into her room to listen to her music or read a book. She does all this to clear her head of all her stress.
“I work on everything I can,” she said. “I ask for help when I know I will need it.”
Jaime says she is not “always” stressed, but she does get stressed. She likes to put all her work into the page. Jaime feels her page has to be “almost” perfect for the deadlines. She likes to put in everything she can to complete her work and make sure it’s done on time though there will be times that things won’t go according to plan.