Senior performs in Honor Choir

Destiny Perry, Staff Writer

Senior Nick Schulz has been a member of Chanteur for three years, but he was able to take his singing to an even higher level on March 15.

“I’m taking private voice lessons on scholarship from the music department,” Schulz said. “It’s expected that everyone who takes lessons on scholarship auditions for All Northwest Choir.”

Schulz was taken aback and thrilled to be accepted to sing in the Honor Choir, which met in Seattle.

“It’s a really big honor considering there was 135 guys selected out of some 400 that tried out from six states,” he said.

Singing wasn’t the only thing Schulz did on the trip to Seattle; he also went on a cruise with the other singers. Seniors Nikki Brennan, Ben Gold and Keeli Telleen were the other three from CMR that joined Schulz.

“The whole point was for us to socialize and get to know people from other states that we didn’t necessarily get to interact with,” Schulz said. “The mens group and the womens group rehearsed separately and performed separately, so we never got a chance to interact with the womens choir except for on the cruise.”

All Northwest Choir was a performance and an experience that Schulz said he will never forget.

“It’s different when you’re here in choir. I don’t think there’s quite the enthusiasm for singing, and I don’t think there’s quite the dedication to sing,” he said. “Obviously because they’re there they are passionate about it and skilled at it, so being able to perform with a group of people of that nature makes the performance a lot of fun.”

After taking part in Honor Choir, Schulz said he wants others to have the same experience.

“I’d like to encourage future choir students to try out for this because even if you don’t necessarily think you have a great chance you never know and if you work at it you never know what you can do.”