Williams seeking a German education

Desiree Parsons, Staff Writer

She’s taken three years of Spanish, one year of German, and is about to have 14 new classes.  Junior Mikalley Williams is planning to be a German foreign exchange student in the fall.

“My friend Kristine Nielsen was the one who got me to take German this year, and Abby Lynes was the one who told me about the scholarships that I could get for this,” Williams said.

Williams has family in Poland, and she said it makes her want to go overseas even more.

Williams has gone through a long process, but said it’s worth it.

“First I had to fill out an application packet, which took forever. Then write some essays, make a collage and then I had to explain how I would deal with the problems that might occur in Germany,” she said.

After that she had to have an interview set up because she made it to the semifinals, which took all day. She said it went really well.

“Later I found out that I was accepted, and now I am just deciding on what host family to pick,” Williams said.

If Williams doesn’t find a host family that will work she will not be able to make it to Germany.