Journalism editors prepare for next fall

Ida Andersen, Staff Writer

When entering room 326 after the summer break, junior Alyssa McClain can anticipate more respect amongst her fellow yearbook students.

As the new editor-in-chief for the Russellog, McClain will have to step up to take control over all sections of the yearbook. She describes her role as the future editor-in-chief as being a bad guy and good guy at the same time, and she realizes that she might not always be popular among her peers.

 “Some days people are going to hate me, but it’s going to get the book done,” she said.

Producing a full-color yearbook can be stressful, but McClain said that she likes it because of the other students and the opportunity to design pages. She said that she enjoys creating a yearbook that the entire student body can enjoy, and that her goal for next year’s edition of the Russellog is to make even more progress.

  “I think [the yearbooks] improve every year,” McClain said.

Another junior who is ready to step up as an editor-in-chief is Lindsey Buck. She will be responsible for making sure the rest of the staff is doing their best work for the Stampede. Buck, like McClain, has making improvements on the top of her priority list. She already has clear visions of what can be improved: coverage.

“I think we need to [go] more in depth,” she said. “I will do my best to produce even better issues.”

Buck has been on newspaper staff since her sophomore year, and she was responsible for the news/opinion section this year. She shares that maintaining an image where people can respect her might be a challenge.

“It’ll be different for me going from being [the] news/opinion editor, where I’m more on level with kids, whereas the editor-in-chief doesn’t have a special section,” she said. “I’ll have to adapt and edit each and every section.”