The Pilot

Corey Allen

In the pilot to my Blog, I figure some form of explanation should be made as to the content that will be posted.

Basically, I plan to give my personal opinions on general entertainment topics.

 Whether that be a music album review, an opinion on a movie’s influence or an all around rant about the complete degradation of the United States music industry. (You’ll see this a lot)

Entertainment is something I’m passionate about, plain and simple.

 I’d also like to encourage any and all readers to comment, and share their strong opinions. If you want to ask my opinion on Kanye West’s attire, do it. Want me to review your band’s EP? Ask.

Vote on the polls, argue with me, and get involved. My intention is for this blog to above all; be entertaining, interactive, and fun.

I need you, the reader, to help make this the fun and awesome blog it should be.

Thank you.