Coming into Contendership

Peyton Fulbright, Stampede Reporter

                This last weekend’s fights on FOX, weren’t quite as spectacular as they were hyped up to be. Rashad Evans was victorious over Phil Davis, claiming the number one light heavy weight contender slot; and Chael Sonnen was extremely lucky, getting an undeserved judge’s decision. Also, Chris Weidman proved his worth to the division while securing a victory over Demian Maia.

                Rashad Evans has been on the verge of a title shot for almost a year, and will finally get it, against former teammate Jon Jones. He fought up and comer Phil Davis. Davis was awarded his first loss, and learned he needs some more experience to be able to hang with the best. Evans repeatedly passed his guard, and even put Davis in a mounted crucifix several times, where he was unable to finish the fight. What he should have done, started dropping down elbows, he would have easily ended the fight within seconds. Even though he didn’t finish the fight, he dominated all five rounds, to earn a unanimous judge’s decision.

                In a recent poll, Chael Sonnen was voted the most hated fighter, and Michael Bisping came in second. While neither is a common fan favorite, many wanted Sonnen to win, so there could be the whole grail of rematches: Sonnen against the middle weight champion, Anderson Silva. Bisping exposed the weaknesses of Sonnen, and did enough in the eyes of everyone except the judges to win. Even Sonnen said he thought Bisping won.

                While Chris Weidman might not be known as the best, he is finally proving his worth against middle weights, with his short notice bout with former middle weight contender Demian Maia. Weidman proved that his striking and wrestling is good enough to be able to tussle with anybody in the division. He controlled the fight with takedowns, and he kept the fight in his control the entire time.

                While the main card on FOX resulted in less than stellar fights, the prelims were spectacular. Always thrilling Cub Swanson got his first win in the UFC, and Charles Olivera had a brilliant transition between different leg locks, finally finishing the fight with the rarely seen calf crusher.

                Next week, is the highly anticipated bout between the bad boy from Stockton, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit, for the welterweight interim championship title.