Science Bowl Dominates Competition

Whisper Harris, Stampede Reporter

The competition is at its peak, you have five seconds to buzz in the correct answer. The score is tied and this point would put your team in the lead.

These are some of the emotions that went through the CMR Science Bowl members’ minds on Feb. 4 at the annual science bowl competition in Billings. 

“It’s an academic competition that tests kids’ knowledge in all areas of math and science,” teacher Karen Spencer, one of the team’s advisers, said.

The questions asked are based off of the scientific studies of biology, earth and space science, energy, physics and mathematics.

The competition requires students to not only know the scientific information, but understand the rules.

“There are protocols against blurting out answers and other things that could get you eliminated if you don’t know them,” teacher and advisor Josy McLean said.

Students decide to join Science Bowl for various reasons, including, fun, competition, or to broaden their scientific experiences.

“It’s the competition that makes it fun,” McLean said. 

On Feb. 4 one of the CMR teams, under the leadership of Team Captain junior Cody Cleveland, took second place.

“We’re very proud of all of the students on the team,” McLean said.   

But Spencer and McLean both know that victory is never guaranteed.  

“You’re never sure you’re going to win,” Spencer said.