Republicans are trying to take away gay rights… again.

Amber Challender

The Republicans are at it again. They’re trying to declare Proposition 8 back into law in California, preventing gay couples from legally getting married.

The only thing the Republicans are trying to accomplish by turning Proposition 8 back into effect is to prevent love from flourishing in the state of California.

This is not OK.

I for one will not stand by and allow the conservative Republicans to prevent my friends from getting married. I refuse to allow Republicans to take away the rights of homosexual people.

Not only is it unconstitutional for the government to try and control who can get married and who cannot, but  it’s also morally wrong.

Republicans should not control our lives.

The Democrats will be much more likely to allow the overturn of Proposition 8. By allowing the overturn of Proposition 8, gays will legally be recognized as married in the state of California.

 I vote that we allow gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to do as they please when it comes to their private lives.

Gays are not going to force the Republicans to sit at their weddings and force them to watch as they become bonded for life, so why should the Republicans have the right to force it so they don’t have the right to be happy with the one they love?

I deny the Republicans the right to vote on the decision of Proposition 8. They should not have the ability to stop these people from being happy with their partners. The only way that gays are going to be equally recognized in the eyes of the law is to allow them to get married, so let them.

Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals deserve just as many rights as the straight people. The Republicans aren’t trying to take away the rights of straight people, and that is discrimination.

Republicans have been getting away with discriminating against gays for way too long, and I’m not going to allow them to bully and discriminate against certain cultures, religions, or sexual orientations any longer and either should you.

Vote no on Proposition 8, and make the discrimination stop.