Technology destroys work ethic, priorities

Whisper Harris

Do you remember when the XBOX 360 came out?

Back when it came out gamers went a little insane. People were selling their houses, giving away their life savings, trading their cars, selling newborn babies, just to get their hands on this new and advanced gaming system.

People went to jail because of the extreme lengths they went for this box with wires that put a game on their television.

I can’t help but look back on that time as a cautionary tale.

But that was years ago.

Now in 2012 there are so many more technological things that people do crazy things to get.

iPads, iPhones and other smart phones, iPods, Kindle Fire, among others.

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who will stand in line for multiple days just for one of the newest technological advancements. They also are willing to spend $1,000 on an updated version of the iPad, but they live in a trailer park. 

Priorities have certainly changed. 

When Encyclopedia Britannica releases a new edition no one waits for days sleeping outside in the freezing cold for it. 

I can’t help but be disappointed in people.   

Let’s go back to the time when people were valued for knowing information, and cared about knowing it. Now no one knows anything because they know they can Google it or text Cha Cha. People don’t even have to have a computer anymore, just a phone.

People are so used to having access to anything they need to know, that they don’t know basic information like phone numbers of family members or how to subtract 20 percent off of an item. The answers are just always there.  

And people should have to work for what they want to know.