What people do for money

Kaitlin Mosley

There is nothing like sitting at home watching big strong men throw around the old pig skin on Sunday and Monday nights. There’s nothing like sitting with your family, going for your favorite team and making bets on them, watching your favorite player catch the winning touchdown or interception to turn the game around.   

When my favorite team loses, I am disappointed. But when a team is getting paid more money just to take someone out and maybe ruin their whole career, everything they worked so hard for, I feel furious!

NFL players are already getting paid so much, why would they ruin someone’s life just for a little more money? It’s not fair to the person they are hurting, the team, or the fans. It wouldn’t just hurt the other team. It would also ruin the offending team’s reputation.

Everyone loves their favorite team no matter what, but what would people say when their favorite team is the one doing these horrific things? Many people would just say that it’s the sport, but we all know it’s not. This has always been a problem and probably always will be.

It makes me even angrier that the team that is doing this did it to my favorite football team and they didn’t get a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

I don’t know how the other people on the team, that weren’t involved, would react. I would try to trade teams if I could, just to get away from the horrible people that were doing this.

The Saints football team has been paying players more money to hurt someone and take them out of the game, just to win, for many years now. It’s terrible to think how easy it is for someone to say yes to ruin a person’s career or maybe life for a little bit more money.

 If I was the person that would ever do this type of thing, I would be a selfish, horrible, and just a flat out mean person. Good thing I’m not. The coaches are even worse than the players for bribing or even asking them to do this. The president of the NFL should fire the coaches and players for purposely taking out, hurting, ruining someone’s career, and perhaps their life.