Junior Girls Experience Montana Government

Claire Knox

Political campaigns, strolling through government buildings, a courtroom in session, and a talent show. What does all of this add up to? Girls State.

Girls State is an opportunity for high school incoming senior girls from across Montana to meet in the state’s capital and participate in government and politics.

For junior Deanna Rothwell, her motivations for participating in this program are mostly academic.

“I’m doing it because one of my friends did it last year. It sounds fun and it looks good on applications. I also want to learn about government.”

Rothwell is also looking forward to the mock court. The girls will be able to run for judge and other official positions and sit on the jury for a mock case.

Junior Tayler Korb is looking forward to the social aspect of the experience more than the academic.

“I’m really excited for the talent show. I love to sing and dance and just can’t wait for it.”

Korb also wants to learn more about politics.

“I’ve always been interested in politics and wanted to get a jump on government for next year,” she said.

She wants to socialize with all of the other girls from across the state, too.

“And I bought a bunch of cute new business clothes that I can’t wait to wear.”