Jazz Workshop creates lasting experiences

Gemma Kern, staff writer

Swinging to the beat on Jan. 4, the Russtones received the chance to work with professors from the University of Idaho, during a jazz workshop.

The professors from the University of Idaho included Alan Gemberling (trombone), Vern Sielert (trumpet), Vanessa Sielert (saxophone), Spencer Martin (drums/percussion), Dave Bjur (bass), and Dan Bukvich (vocals/percussion).

Other groups that participated in the workshop were the Blue Notes Jazz Band, Rhapsody Choir from Great Falls High, Russtones Jazz Band, and Russell Ayres Choir from CMR.

One student saw the workshop as not only a chance to work with professionals, but a learning experience as well.

“I thought [the concert] went really good,” said Sarah Carpenter, a senior saxophonist in the Russtones Jazz Band. “I love it when we play with them. We were exposed to a lot of stuff.”