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  • Last Day for Seniors - Class of 2024 -- MAY 29
The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

Rustler News

The student news site of C. M. Russell High School

Rustler News


All senior photos must be uploaded to the Russellog staff by Oct. 11, 2013.


Schedule a photo session with a portrait studio before September 2013 or have Lifetouch Studio shoot a FREE portrait for you at CMR on Sept. 10, 2013.

            * Digital snapshots taken by amateur photographers are not acceptable. Outside shots taken in bright sunshine or with shadows on individuals’ faces will not be accepted.

            * It is the responsibility of the senior to contact a photographer for his/her photo. Local studios have their own deadline  regarding photos, so when contacting a studio ask about their deadlines.

            * Make absolutely certain that the photographer can comply with quality portrait requirements.


The staff will adhere to the following guidelines to create a balanced, uniform, accurate and classic senior section:

            * Color or B/W — student’s choice

            * Photos will be submitted as a digital JPEG.

            * Images will be saved as last name_first name (ex: lincoln_abraham.jpg)

            * The resolution requirement: 300 dpi minimum

            * Use the RGB color mode as this will be changed to CMYK by the yearbook publisher.

            * All BACKGROUNDS for senior photos will be plain, one color or muddle colored. NO PROPS: hats, trees, pets, Venetian  blinds, cars, musical instruments, stripes, flowers, patterns, wooden doors, fences, bricks, rustic cabin wood, metal, rivers,  clouds, fields of wheat or anything other than the student.

            * No strapless shirts

            * Only head and shoulder poses – no full body.

            * No poses with heads resting on hands. No hands showing in any pose.

Most professional photographers are aware of these specifications, but some instant shops and department stores, including Wal-Mart, often are not. It is the senior’s responsibility to ensure his/her photo meets the requirements and gets printed in the senior section.


It is the responsibility of the student to follow the guidelines outlined in this letter. Then, follow up with the photography studio to check if their image has been submitted to CMR.

            * Photos from local photographers should be submitted automatically to the yearbook by the Oct. 11 deadline.

            * Lifetouch photos taken on Sept. 10 at CMR also will automatically be submitted to the yearbook staff.

            * If a student submits his/her photo, use the instructions on the reverse side of this letter to upload the image to our server. Most local photographers have received instructions on how to upload photos to our DropBox. If your photographer has not, have them call 268-6178 or you can submit your photo after you get it from the photographer.


If students, parents or studios have questions regarding the senior portrait, please contact the yearbook adviser at (406) 268-6178 or [email protected]. The Russellog voicemail will be checked regularly during the summer. The staff looks forward to receiving your photos in the fall and developing the senior section of the 2014 Russellog.


            * Schedule a portrait session for summer 2013 or September — the earlier the better.

            * Follow the guidelines.

            * Meet the Oct. 11 deadline so the yearbook staff can meet its deadline with the printing plant.

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