Top TV shows of the year

Jennifer Verzuh

1)      Community: By far the wackiest, funniest, most clever, and original program on TV in years is “Community.” This cult series is completely unafraid (it recently spoofed “Glee” in its hilarious Christmas episode, and last year’s holiday episode was in claymation!) and you have no idea what direction it will take. Unquestionably it is the most entertaining half hour you will find on television every week.

 2)      Homeland: Is Marine Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who was a prisoner of war in Iraq for the last eight years until his recent rescue, the national hero everyone thinks he is? Or has he been turned by the Al-Qaeda terrorists who held him captive for nearly a decade? That’s the question FBI Agent Carrie (Emmy winner Claire Danes) Mathison and viewers seek the answer to in Showtime’s brilliant new freshman drama. It’s the best new series of the year. It keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat with its excellent writing, intriguing premise, and superbly talented cast. It’s at once emotional, exciting, sexy, frustrating, and addicting. Veteran actor Mandy Patinkin also stars as Carrie’s mentor. 

3)      Parks and Recreation:  NBC’s gem of a comedy is spearheaded by the wonderfully talented Amy Poehler as the most energetic and devoted government worker you will ever meet in the craziest of small towns: the fictional Pawnee, Indiana. Though, this show has always been a personal favorite of mine but this year in particular they’ve really stepped up their act and with any luck the Emmys will take notice.

 4)      Modern Family: Winner two years in a row of the Emmy Award for Best Comedy series, and rightly so, this ensemble comedy continues to entertain both critics and fans alike, with its spot-on portrayal of the hilarity that is family life.

 5)      The Walking Dead: At first glance, AMC’s brutal and gripping drama may look like another mindless and unnecessarily gory zombie flick, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s a gritty, exciting, nail-biting, anxiety ridden, and at times surprisingly touching show that is as much about the groups of people who band together to survive and their relationships as it is about the fighting and zombie pandemic itself.

 6)      Fringe: Prepare to have your mind blown. Fox’s underappreciated science fiction series is in a world all its own. The show excites, involves, and challenges your most basic beliefs about what is and isn’t possible in the world of science today.

 7)      New Girl: Film star Zooey Deschanel makes the transition to the small screen in a part she was obviously born to play: Jess, a kooky, sweet, adorable, and completely original character who is a joy to watch. Deschanel’s character shares an apartment with three men in this comedy that is equal parts quirky, charming, funny, and crazy.