Drama department to present “Noises Off”

Jarrett Workman, Staff Writer

The lights open up to a two-story set. The storyline will keep you laughing. And senior Marquis Archuleta falls down a flight of stairs.

It all adds up to the drama department’s spring performance of “Noises Off.” It is centered around a cast of eight characters who are actors trying to put on their own play. When it comes to the show date, however, all of their hard work starts to fall apart around them.

“It’s about actors who are putting on a play and life gets in the way. It fails miserably,” said senior Emily Townsend, who plays Dotty Otley. In the play within the play, Otley performs as Mrs. Clackett.

Otley is considered a big name and famous, and she treats the play that they are putting on as very important, because she’s invested money in the production.

Accompanying Townsend is senior Heaven Hewett, who plays Blendia Blair, who like the other characters also plays a character, Flavia. A strategy of Hewett’s when studying her lines is to read through the lines three or four times, and then make sure she has her que lines down for when they practice.

When it comes to stage fright, Hewett said it isn’t much of an issue for her.

“[I] try not to think about it. I turn it into energy for my acting and take deep breaths,” Hewett said.

This is the same style of studying for many of the actors, including sophomore Shelbie White, who believes that repeating her lines over and over is the way to go. Even throughout the rehearsals, she can be found repeating them.

White’s quote from the play is “Sorry,” which is the line that her character, Brooke Ashton, says a lot.

“She’s the typical dumb, hot blond. And she’s always losing her contacts,” White said.

This play has a great amount of movement and craziness, according to Townsend.

“Noises Off” hits the stage April 26-28 at 7:30 p.m.