Filling the vacancy in my head and my heart

Kristi Gange, Features Editor

Perfectly crisp harmonies and soft melodic songs make my head float and allow me a small escape from life for three and half short minutes. The indie folk group The Head and the Heart is my new, long anticipated, obsession.

After years of searching, I found a band that I can listen to for hours and not get fatigued by their repetitive and unimpressive albums.

This young group of six that Seattle so graciously provided to us has a sound that relies heavily on vocal harmonies and luminous acoustic piano that will have you humming the melody the first time you turn on one of their songs.

While the seemingly simplistic rhythms make it easy for anyone to listen, it’s the lyrics that anchors this band in people’s memory and keeps them returning for more.

Their sound is so clean that when I found out there were six members in the group I almost didn’t believe it. They all bring something so essential to the genius that is their self-titled album “The Head and the Heart.”

Regardless of what genre you deem yourself a fan of, everyone should grace their ears with their compelling tracks “Down in the Valley,” “Lost in my Mind,” and “Rivers and Roads.”

Their songs truly do arise from the depths of their heads and their hearts and this band has stolen both of mine.