Digging up “Bones” with season eight

Seirra Rutledge, staff writer

Four months. That is how long fans were left in suspense until season eight arrived.

When season seven of “Bones” ended I was left feeling confused and slightly heart-broken. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was being framed with murder, leaving her no choice but to abandon her life. With her baby in tow, Brennan began a life on the run, leaving her partner Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) behind. Season seven ended just like that; I had questions that needed answers, right then.

Season eight started Sept. 24 with an emotionally packed episode that left me on the edge of my seat. Brennan is back but in secret. She and Booth are reunited but there are hurt feelings. Brennan is still being framed and time is running out. Will they catch the actual murderer or will he go free? My questions did not seem to get an answer; instead I had more questions.

From the very first episode I can see how season eight will be different from the first seven. With almost every show on television there are two people that everyone wants to get together. Well, “Bones” is no different. After six seasons of my screaming “kiss her” to the TV, Booth and Brennan finally got together.

Why wouldn’t you want to watch “Bones”? It has the C.S.I. qualities times infinity. There are moments of pure hilarity, like laughing until you are crying. The suspense created during each episode is incredible. The relationships between characters make the crime fighting show greater than any other crime show on television right now.

After the “are you kidding me” moment at the end of episode one, season eight is sure to not disappoint. I think it may just wash the floor with the previous seasons.