Sophomore Stuart Gray carries unique outlook on life


Hoping to give peace to everyone else, sophomore Stuart Gray enjoys life on the practice field on Sept. 19.

Kimberly Michelsen, staff writer

Some people call him Stu. Others don’t even know his name. But to everyone, sophomore Stuart Gray is a person who makes life spectacular. 

“If it includes running 20 miles, it does. If it includes making funny faces at people, it’s part of life,” Gray said.

 Having decided to do something new, Gray is in his first year of cross country. However, being a good runner is not the only thing on his mind.

Gray said that his absolute favorite thing to do is live. He said that he aspires to “always have a positive outlook on life.” This makes each part of every day enjoyable for him.

To live life to the fullest, Gray said that he is active by “participating in school and extracurricular activities and balancing life.”

 He has such a good balance in his life that he said he is active all summer long and is as lazy as possible when winter sets in. His activities once the cold weather hits include staring at walls and counting sheep, among other lazy activities.

 Living can come in many shapes and forms, and Gray said he lives by doing everything he possibly can to enjoy every moment. In fact, he has such a positive outlook on life that he recently celebrated an obscure national holiday.

 “Did you know it’s National Pirate Talking Day [September 19th]? That’s why everyone’s saying ‘Aarg!’”