Italian Stallion tackles first football season


Julia Segebarth, Staff Writer

When junior Daniele Grassa first arrived at CMR he was faced with the difficult decision of playing a familiar sport, soccer, or discovering a new one, football.

 “I play[ed] soccer in Italy. [I] want to try something new,” Grassa said.

Not only is this his first year playing football, but also his first time knowing what American football really is. In Italy he was a soccer prodigy but when he came to America he didn’t want to be the prodigy anymore. He wanted to discover a sport that was important to American culture.

Grassa is a wide receiver. It is challenging for him, especially in the snow, but he said he is progressing.

Switching from soccer to football has been enjoyable yet challenging.

Four weeks before the season ended, Grassa said he was sad because he has enjoyed the challenges, including the final game of the season: Cross-town.