Queens of the Pool

Alecks Leavey, Sports Editor

It was four years ago when the leaders were only followers, when the veterans were just rookies. Four years of chlorine-bleached hair, pruned fingers, and exasperated lungs. Four years of donning green and gold swim caps, and four years, each ending at the top of the podium.

For four years, seniors Julia Upshaw and Nicole Thompson have not witnessed second best, instead fighting for state championships throughout their high school swimming careers.

                “Winning even one year felt awesome,” Upshaw said. “It got more exciting each [time] when we won. It was so cool to end…with [another].”

                For Thompson, however, winning was just an added bonus.

                “Winning wasn’t the best part,” she said. “It really was the closeness of our team and the people on it that made swimming great. Winning was just a byproduct.”

                In the history of CMR swimming, only two others have ever been four- time state champions. Sisters Maddie and Dakota Sechena, who graduated last year, share the accomplishment of a flawless journey.