Marta Cladera

When going through an exchange program headed for the United States, most students expect to land in a big city such as Los Angeles or New York. So when Marta Cladera heard she was headed to Montana, she couldn’t help but think, where is that?


“My mom told me, ‘You’re going to Montana!’ Cladera said. “My first thought was, ‘Where is it?’”


When Cladera first arrived in Montana, she admitted it wasn’t what the average traveler would expect, but it turned out to be a cool and pleasurable trip. Cladera explained that it is so different from her native Spain, but it is very nice, especially when it comes to food. She said that the one food she just can’t understand is simple: butter.


“I couldn’t believe you put butter on everything,” Cladera said.


Despite the small butter crisis, Cladera has already settled into life in Great Falls and has made some new friends. She said that there are so many things to do and though it may get confusing sometimes, it has been fun to discover it all.


Cladera said that she is looking forward to swimming season and that she has already taken an interest in CMR’s Ski and Key Clubs. When it came to her host family, she only had good things to say.


“They’re very kind,” she said. “They’re helping me as much as they can.”