Jossua Valladares


When Jossua Valladares found out he was coming to Montana, he searched on Google and he found something that said Montana only has 19 days of sun annely

“It freaked me out at first, but once I got here I realized that it wasn’t true,” he said.

Vallardares, from Ecuador, also said that it was really cold in Montana, but he hasn’t experienced the winters yet.

“I am really worried about how cold it gets here, but I’m excited to experience such a winter change,” he said.

When he first got to Montana, he said he was really impressed by the landscape and how everything looked. He also noticed that everything was far away from his house.

“In Ecuador everything was close to my house and it was in walking distance,” Valladares said.

Something was happening 24/7 in Ecuador, and he said he misses that busy environment.

“I don’t know where anything is at yet but, I’m hoping to find all the cool stuff,” he said.

Valladares was eager to start school at CMR because the rumor he heard made it sound like school would be easier than it was back home.

“Everybody I talked to said that school was easier here, but I am struggling a little. I was a good student back home.”