EDITORIAL: CMR sports and their journey to victory

CMR has multiple sports, and we believe they should get more recognition. The Rustlers have been a part of our town for 58 years. Rustler football has won 13 AA state championships, our basketball teams have won 10, and other sports have earned numerous AA state championships.

Overall, with all of our high school’s accomplishments, they deserve more than just a “Yay! We did it!”

Athletes have trained immensely and constantly, getting better for themselves and our “Rustler Pride.” Hot, cold, summer, spring, fall and winter, our Rustlers have been relentless. In pride of our teams, we believe our athletes have earned more than just a “Good job!”

Therefore, we should start making our school newspaper and web site more relevant after games, congratulating and recognizing the hard-working students who participate in bringing pride and tradition to C.M. Russell High School.

Also, we believe student government members should attend more games to show their support for our athletes. Student government has a huge impact on our school, and it would promote commitment and spirit by more viewers of our sports.

After all, Rustler Spirit, Rustler Pride, and Rustler Tradition!