Sophomore chooses gown for Prom 2023

Justina Kleinsasser

Prom is an event at which one should get out of your comfort zone. Everyone gets to have the shopping experience of knowing the color that fits you best, figuring out sizes, and where to get it altered. For me, the part where I showed my dress off to my friends and family was the best part.

CMR is hosting Prom on March 18 at the Great Falls International Airport from 8-11 p.m. Every event has to have a theme, and I find this one unmatched —  “To the moon and back. A Night under the Stars.”  

Most can never find the right dress on their first try. My family and I traveled to Missoula to look for dresses. I tried on three and went with the second gown I tried on. You get this heartwarming feeling inside when you know it’s the one! Some will say it’s overwhelming, which it is, but if you take it one step at time it’s a piece of cake.

I did not go to prom my first year of high school because I was scared of the big crowds in that room, but to this day I regret it so much because I missed out on all the amazing pictures, dancing, and hanging out with my peers. So, before you decide not to go make sure you think about all the awesome things that go along with going to Prom.