EDITORIAL: CMR Track and Field needs funding

It’s official, the season has started. You need new shoes and equipment for the season, but there aren’t any shoes available in your size and there’s not a pole-vaulting pole that suits your weight. Why is this? Why is there not enough available? At C. M. Russell High School this issue in track and field is due to the lack of funding for the sport. It’s simple. The less money, the less equipment for the athletes.

This issue must be resolved in order for all athletes to obtain the equipment they need for their events. The funds and money are needed for many things, including spikes, jumping shoes, poles, javelins, warm-up gear, uniforms, and bags. The money goes to good use which makes it a good cause to donate to. We need our athletes to get the best, to do their best. Funds are also needed to replace old equipment. Having good gear leads to a better performance overall.

Just by looking at the team you wouldn’t think that they lack funding in some areas; however, the uniforms and warm-ups are old and in need of an upgrade. Not only do the clothes need to be changed, but the track team also needs tents.

Tents are essential especially during hot meets to prevent heat exhaustion and sunburn. These tents are needed, but the track team doesn’t have enough funding to purchase the number of tents that are needed. In fact, the team often uses the tents from the CMR cross-country team, but even then there isn’t enough room for everyone to fit under them due to the size of the track team. The things the team lacks are desperately needed, and thankfully there is a solution.

Every year at the beginning of the new season, the coaches and athletes put on a fundraiser using an app to raise money. People can buy coupon cards, and that money is shown on the app for each student. Sounds simple, right? It truly is, but it’s up to the athletes themselves to raise money for the whole team. This is where another problem occurs.

Athletes slack and fail to raise money or they don’t even try to because they just rely on the people around them. Every dollar counts and so does every student athlete. Trying to raise money is better than not trying at all, so track team members should take more initiative and utilize the app to raise as much money as possible. By doing this they are truly benefiting themselves and the rest of the team.