New Rustlers keep tradition, pride alive

Stampede, Editorial

As we bring summer to a close, we begin yet another journey, opening our doors to a new class of Rustlers who will create their own unique identity and make their own impression upon CMR.

The start of the academic year comes with robust athletic practice, a rekindled Rustler pride, and a Homecoming on the horizon.

As we engage in homecoming celebration, choose our royalty, and partake in class projects, we must keep in mind that Homecoming is as much a celebration for current students as it is for those who graced our hallways in bygone eras. Thus let us remember to go forth this year with a strong commitment to the excellence that is markedly “Rustler” in nature.

In keeping with that pride and spirit as we come together as a community, we at the Stampede welcome the new faculty members and students who are the heart of our mission here at CMR. We encourage you to learn more about our publication which has a long tradition of journalistic excellence and serves as a clearinghouse for news regarding CMR and Great Falls.

In keeping with the demands of contemporary journalism, this year we are also unveiling a comprehensive online presence at

The website will include all coverage found in our print edition plus many features exclusive to the website. We encourage students, faculty, alumni, and community members to check our website for up-to-date sports coverage, news feed, and upcoming Rustler events. We will unveil our new website in its entirety in late September.

The Stampede has a long-standing commitment to serving you, our readership, in bringing to you the news that defines “Rustler history.” Our staff is willing to go to great lengths to bring the news to you, the news that will define your “Rustler journey.”

Welcome to a great year, CMR.