Special Education department deserves praise for efforts

Vanessa Putnam

Whether we like it or not, there is discrimination in our society. There are very few among us who can truly put aside our subconscious bias and dedicate themselves completely to the assistance of other human beings. We, as a paper, come together to applaud a division of these people, known as the special educations instructors.

     Teachers in general are a treasure, but it’s the special ed. teachers that are truly unsung heroes. They take the time to work with the kids that society would rather forget. Even so, it is no easy task.

     Each child in the special education program has a lesson plan tailored to his or her needs called an IEP, or “individualized education program.” There is intricate planning that goes into planning a student’s IEP. A handful of adults get together to assess the situation and what would be in the best interests for the child’s future. Because of this, a teacher will be teaching an array of grade levels everyday depending on who is in the classroom at the time.

     They spend the time in the classrooms, depending on the severity of the condition. A child with autism might be in a self contained class for the whole day, or just an hour. When they aren’t in the classrooms, they are what the teachers call “mainstreamed,” or among the normal student populace.

     Teaching is not only centered on academics but social skills are also emphasized. Basic manners can be problems so the teachers try to come up with special lessons to en-still behaviors like, “say please,” “no thank you,” “raise your hand if you want something,” and “personal space.”

     Bottom line, this is a difficult job, and we thank every special education teacher in the school system for your hard work and belief in humanity.