Making it Illegal to Discriminate

Whisper Harris, Stampede Reporter

So, I can marry my cousin, but not my gay cousin.

With the recent ban of gay marriage in North Carolina and President Obama announcing his support of gay marriage, there are a lot of arguments between why people view it as wrong or right.

I personally think that we all should have the right to get married. Whether you’re a girl and you want to marry a girl or you’re a guy and you want to marry another guy. We are all American — we should all have the same rights.

There are many reasons why people view same-sex marriage as wrong.

No. 1: God and the Bible.

First of all, not everyone believes in the same God, or places the same high reverence to God in their lives.  The Bible is not a legal document on how to run our country. The people who want to live according to the Bible should have that right – and they do in the First Amendment. Those who don’t follow the Bible’s teachings shouldn’t have laws forbidding them from  living their lives as they choose.

No. 2: A relationship is between a man and a woman.

That’s not always true. There are more than romantic relationships. A relationship can be between a mother and daughter, father and son, sisters, brothers, friends.

You can platonically or romantically have a relationship. But no matter what type of relationship a person has they shouldn’t be judged or isolated or treated differently than others.

No. 3: It’s unnatural.

In this world the things we view as finite aren’t. Even things such as gender or sexuality are not certain.  The world is gray, when more people start to realize that the world will be a much better, more accepting place.