Sports too prominant at CMR

Whisper Harris

CMR is a diverse high school. With excellent sports, music, drama, journalism, Hosa, FFA, family consumer sciences, and many other programs there is so much to offer.

However, one of my biggest problems with attending a diverse school is that one of the programs often overtakes the school, leaving a lasting impression on those around the community.

At Harvard it’s the law program. At Northwestern it’s the journalism program. At the University of Phoenix it’s the criminal justice program. At Oxford University it’s the pre-med program.

At CMR it’s the athletes. 

It’s a fact; the athletes at CMR get the most attention. CMR values its athletes, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is that other students’ accomplishments are left in the dust behind the many sports practices, games and championships.

CMR has so many gifted singers, musicians, actors, writers, and leaders, but they are never given the chance to show it because of the over fascination with athletes.

Our high school is known to the community as a successful, prominently athletic school. I want people to look at CMR and think, “Wow, their (insert name here) program is amazing.” Not, “Wow their football team just took/lost state”, because that’s not the only thing we have to offer.